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AndrĂ© Calado was the 1 of the World Cup Winners – Prize: Official Jersey

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This August we decided to take our mission Brofessional Football one step further and invited the KMS community for a gathering where we also handed the World Cup Winners their well-deserved prizes.

The meet-up was held in central Lisbon in a pretty stylish rooftop.
The atmosphere was pretty cool and as expected FOOTBALL was the dominating topic.

WHY these gatherings matter?

Over the last years, technological advances are turning football into a more solitaire activity.

While a few years ago, it was common practice to gather all your friends together and go to the only place in town broadcasting the weekend Football matches, nowadays, everyone can watch or stream any match they like wherever they want… and so most of the people end up watching the football matches alone.

That’s exactly why we decided to create Kiss my Score in the first hand. Aiming to be a platform that enables everyone to enjoy football side-by-side with their friends (even those who are physically far).

After all, our ultimate mission is to work as a natural trigger for more frequent and funnier conversations about football. We want to be the party stage for Football emotions.

Looking forward to see you within KMS top ranks

Kiss my Score – Brofessional Football