On the 18th of June Kiss my Score app was Suspended due to an “Alleged copyright infringement” considering the “Official Emblem of the FIFA World Cup”.

This situation led Kiss my Score to loose its ratings and number of downloads (higher than 200.000).

Considering the delicate situation we had to start over releasing a new app version. This is the moment, where more than ever, we need your help to make Kiss my Score  reputable again. How can you help?

  1. Uninstall your current Kiss my Score version
  2. Download the new version (here)
  3. Review the app (5⭐️ is always the most appreciated rating) 🙏
  4. Spread the word with your friends and share the app



Am I gonna loose points, bets made or the leagues I’m enrolled in?

No. Your data we’ll be kept safely. Your profile we’ll be exactly the same as well as the bets you already submitted and the list of leagues you’re currently enrolled in.


What if I’m already playing the new version and my friends are still on the last one? 

No worries about it. You’ll feel like everyone is playing the same app. So you’re able to chat with them, invite them for leagues and even check their guesses